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Meet the founders of Genexa, the 1st ‘Clean Medicine Company’

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For generations, families have searched the drug aisle for products without looking at the ingredients. They took an over-the-counter medicine and never thought about what was inside; the only thing that mattered was that it relieved the condition being treated. Why would they do it? It’s easy to think that trusted pharmaceutical companies would create safe, effective, and healthy products for everyone.

When the founders of Genexa looked around the drug aisle they found something they really weren’t comfortable with: tons of man-made fillers that included common allergens, parabens, and an assortment of man-made ingredients that they didn’t not wanted in the bodies of their children.

Meet the founders of the first clean medicine company, David Johnson and Max Spielberg. These two dads are on a mission to clean the medication aisle. Johnson and Spielberg realized they weren’t happy with the ingredients in their children’s medications and worked with a team of medical professionals to transform the over-the-counter industry by making clean products.

Genexa products have the same effective active ingredients as conventional over-the-counter drugs – ingredients that offer therapeutic or medicinal value and have undergone years of scientific testing to ensure safety. The difference is in the inactive ingredients.

Because Genexa only uses clean inactive ingredients, families get drugs without artificial additives and common allergens – drugs that won’t have any of the potentially unwanted side effects that can be associated with unnecessary synthetic ingredients in conventional drugs. Genexa is reinventing the way conventional pharmaceutical drugs are made, focusing on delivering the exact same OTC drugs without potentially harmful fillers contained in their inactive ingredients. Genexa does not seek to subvert conventional pharmaceutical medicine; rather, they focus on delivering the exact same OTC drugs without the potentially harmful fillers contained in their inactive ingredients.

Johnson and Spielberg believe that drugs can be effective and clean; people deserve better, and that’s why they created Genexa – real medicine, made clean.


Genexa’s medical team has formulated a clean drug line that sets a new standard in the OTC industry

From the start, Johnson and Spielberg sought out experienced healthcare professional partners. These partners now form the Genexa Medical Advisory Board, a team of leading experts who have played a fundamental role in advancing healthcare in their fields. With these healthcare professionals and the expertise of people like Brian Perkins, president of Genexa and former global president of Consumer Pharmaceuticals & Nutritionals at Johnson & Johnson, Genexa has successfully launched clean over-the-counter drugs in many categories including allergies, pain and fever, colds and coughs. and digestion.

They have spent years doing extensive research and development, creating cutting edge technology to remove unnecessary synthetics and potential toxins from their formulas. The medical team has formulated a range of clean drugs that are setting a new standard in the OTC industry.

Genexa breathes a breath of fresh air into the OTC industry and ensures that every family has access to the clean medicines they deserve.

These over the counter medications are exactly what you didn’t know you needed.

GMO-free, organic, gluten-free solutions designed to get everyone better

Genexa finally makes it possible to have both effective active ingredients and clean formulas. Genexa drugs are available at major retailers like Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Kroger, and Whole Foods, as well as at If you order directly from their site, you will be able to choose from clean medicine cabinet sets so kids and adults can easily refuel.

With active ingredients like acetaminophen and inactive ingredients like organic blueberry flavor and citrus extract, the Pain and fever in children medication from Genexa is a must have at home, with the Cough and congestion in children and the Immune support for children. If you are looking for clean medicines for your child’s symptoms, Genexa has some clean products that you should have in your medicine cabinet.

Genexa is the only clean medicine company that has removed inactive artificial ingredients from its products, such as propylene glycol, sorbitol, wheat starch, stearyl alcohol, sodium benzoate, and disodium EDTA. This means that parents can feel better about what they are giving their children.

With Genexa, people know they are looking for medicines that will help them and their children safely.

You can also create your own personalized cleaning doctor’s office on With the ability to mix and match clean medications and create a personalized set for the whole family, Genexa gives everyone the flexibility to bring home exactly what they need.

Genexa makes sure people get the quality products they deserve. Their line includes organic, vegan, gluten-free, and designed medicines to keep everyone improving.

Find the solutions you deserve with Genexa.

Genexa’s mission is to create a more socially and environmentally just world.

Genexa does not stop there. With the launch of their new blog of health resources and guides, their commitment to wellness with impact partners and their sustainable suppliers, they strive to change more than what’s in your business. medicine cabinet.

Genexa is launching a knowledge base that will contain hundreds of resources on common health issues, provide insight into symptoms, causes and treatments, and point people in the right direction when it comes to treating their symptoms.

By partnering with organizations like Thirst Project, Vitamin Angels and March of Dimes, Genexa is also committed to bringing well-being to all. By partnering with Thirst Project, Genexa has helped fund the construction of wells in several locations in El Salvador and brought clean, uncontaminated water to the communities of Lotificación San Alfredo, Cangrejera and La Libertad.

While working with Vitamin Angels and March of Dimes, Genexa has donated to life-saving charities to provide moms and babies with healthy medicine and healthy starts.

Genexa’s commitment does not stop there, they are also committed to the planet. Genexa works with companies dedicated to sustainable sourcing and has a number of certifications from organizations such as the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and USDA Certified Biobased Product approved renewable packaging. Genexa is also a B certified company and its mission is to create a more socially and environmentally just world.

Genexa is there to help families choose cleanliness.


There has never been a better time to know exactly what is going on in our body

It’s not every day that a business shows up and opens our eyes to the truth, and with medicine it’s never happened before. Genexa is the only clean drugs company in the OTC industry that is showing everyone that they have a different kind of choice, which they see as a healthier choice.

When families realize that Genexa is giving them drugs with the same effective active ingredients and only clean inactive ingredients, there is no other option that makes sense. Genexa is forever changing the drug aisle.

David Johnson and Max Spielberg believe parents around the world deserve the peace of mind that Genexa offers, and that’s because they are parents themselves. No more worries, questions or “What does this ingredient do?” While standing in the medication aisle trying to find a solution as soon as possible.

There has never been a better time to find out exactly what is going on in our body. Clean medicine is calling, it’s time to pick up the phone and go home to our loved ones.

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