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Drug company resists ‘cold, cluttered and confusing’ branding

JKR designed the brand and strategy for “socially conscious” drug supplier Betr, which seeks to “challenge the established codes” in the drug market.

Jones Knowles Ritchie (JKR) has revealed the brand of Betr, an over-the-counter drug supplier that delivers drugs to consumers.

Betr is a newcomer to the OTC market, but aims to be “socially aware” in its mission, according to JKR.

Driven by the fact that one in four Americans cannot afford their prescription drugs and that $ 10 billion (£ 7.2 billion) of unused ‘perfectly good’ drugs goes to medical waste Each year, the company uses a donation model that allows them to donate 4% of net income to facilitate the distribution of prescription drugs to underserved communities.

The visual identity is “ruthlessly simple,” according to the design consultancy, in an attempt to differentiate the brand from others in the typically clinical category.

“Efficient and trustworthy”

Betr is the brainchild of Livio Bisterzo, CEO of parent company Green Park Brands, and Jen Hoffman. JKR has worked with Green Park in the past, with Betr being the fifth brand in the partnership.

The brief, according to the studio, was to help Green Park “realize its vision of creating a brand that truly enhances the consumer experience with every interaction.” The branding and visual identity of other pharmaceutical companies in the same market as Betr therefore helped JKR to establish where the brand needed to be different.

“The category in general is cold, crowded and often confusing. So we created a human brand, easy to buy and defying established codes, ”says Stephen McDavid, Creative Director at JKR.

He adds that this was achieved through a suite of “simple” assets like the new monogram and illustrations from Betr. These help the brand “cut the noise,” McDavid says, while also feeling “efficient and trustworthy.”

An “evolving” identity

The Betr wordmark sits at the forefront of the brand’s communications and is comprised of a bold sans-serif typeface and a heart-shaped icon embedded within the ‘B’.

Throughout the identity, it appears in the various vibrant colors of the Betr palette, including yellow, pink, purple and orange.

On the packaging, the sans serif logo lock is paired with a type of serif that indicates the type of medication inside.

Currently, the brand is focusing its attention on pain and allergy medications, but the brand has been built in a way by JKR to ensure that it can be “scalable” in the future with more drugs added to its. offer.

A “naive” style of illustration

In addition to the logo and color scheme, the team also sought to tag Betr with a suite of illustrations in a “naive” style, McDavid says.

“[We] The illustration felt was a great balance between the goal of bringing warmth and heart to the category and the need to make Betr extremely distinctive, ”the studio continues.

Illustrations, which extend the brand’s vibrant colors, are used to explain different elements of the brand, from its product offering to its delivery methods and donation model.

Establishing a brand that goes against “established codes that consumers are used to” was a challenge, says the studio. “[We had] to create a brand different enough to cut the noise, while retaining the trust and efficiency consumers deserve and expect from a healthcare brand.