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Phenomics Health combines multiple precision medicine products for drug selection, dose matching and monitoring

Personalized medications for mental illness, pain and cardiovascular disorders

Phenomics Health is the only precision medicine company to combine drug prediction and measurement to improve patient treatment outcomes. »

—Pamela Weir

PLYMOUTH, MI, USA, May 23, 2022 / — Phenomics Health Inc., a bioinformatics-based company precision medicine company, today announced the commercial integration of six PrecīsMed® clinical pharmacometabolic (PMx) and pharmacogenomic PredictScript™ (PGx) products to comprehensively support patient drug therapy. Phenomics Health’s new product platforms can now provide clinicians with multiple tools to improve treatment outcomes through personalized drug selection, direct measurement of patient medications, dose optimization and periodic monitoring of patient compliance, safety and efficacy of medications.

PrecīsMed and PredictScript products cover patient drug selection and response monitoring in the most important disease and drug treatment classes: mental illness, cardiovascular, metabolic and pain disorders.

Phenomics Health is the only precision medicine company to combine drug prediction with actual drug measurement to inform patients and caregivers about effective treatment regimens using both pharmacogenomics (PGx) and pharmacometabolomics product platforms ( PMx). Phenomics Health products are backed by multiple issued/pending patents, publications and clinical studies.

“The combination of PrecīsMed and PredictScript commercial products represents a substantial improvement in precision medicine by helping clinicians and healthcare systems identify and select appropriate drugs, drug combinations, and drug doses. Phenomics Health products enable accurate, reproducible, and personalized drug selection with periodic monitoring of patient medication adherence to improve drug efficacy, reduce adverse drug reactions, recommend combinations of effective medicines and improve patient outcomes,” said Pamela Weir, president and chief operating officer of Phenomics. Health.

About PrecīsMed and PredictScript products
Phenomics Health’s patented PrecīsMed pharmacometabolomics products can identify and quantify over 230 drugs in a patient’s circulation to monitor medication compliance, provide reconciliation of medications actually taken, guide dose titration, identify interactions harmful medications and avoid adverse drug reactions. PrecīsMed includes four comprehensive medication management products that can measure actual medications in a patient’s circulation, including: 1) SyncViewRx, which can definitively identify 211 prescription and over-the-counter medications; 2) PrecīsViewCNS, which can quantify 87 antidepressants, antipsychotics, anxiolytics and chronic painkillers; 3) SyncViewPAIN, which can definitively identify 101 psychotropics, neurological agents, opioids and benzodiazepines; and 4) PrecīsMed PMP, which can quantify 232 drugs and analytes in a patient’s circulation across multiple therapeutic categories. PrecīsMed PMx technology has already been used in more than 10,000 patients in the United States

Health Phenomics Pharmacogenomics PredictScript The technology includes two comprehensive drug prediction products that help clinicians select the appropriate drugs for each patient, including: 1) PredictScriptPOLY, which covers a wide range of genetic variants among 140 antidepressants, antipsychotics, anticonvulsants, analgesics, cardiovascular, metabolic and gastrointestinal frequently prescribed. ; and 2) PredictScriptCNS, which covers the genetic variants of 94 of the most prescribed medications for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and pain. PrecīsMed and PredictScript products are covered by Medicare, Medicaid and commercial payers.

Critical need for precision medicine
Stress, anxiety, pain, CNS disorders, and cardiovascular/metabolic disorders represent some of the most significant health issues of the 21st century. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), more than 50% of the U.S. population has at least one chronic condition1 and nearly 70% of Medicare beneficiaries have 2 or more chronic conditions.2 Globally, one in three adults suffer from multiple chronic diseases (MCCs), including depression, diabetes, and cardiovascular disorders.3 Each MCC is associated with up to 8 medications in older adults with a corresponding decrease in medication adherence .3

Stress is a major contributor to chronic physical and mental disorders. More than 70% of people experience stress that negatively affects their mental and physical health4, with stress accounting for approximately 75% of all doctor visits5. The predisposition and vulnerability to stress have both genetic and epigenetic origins. Further increases in stress-related mental illnesses have resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic,6 including an increase in moderate-to-severe anxiety to over 37% and moderate-to-severe depression to over 30% of the US adult population,7 likely resulting in increased generational prevalence.

“Increased pharmacogenomic predictability of medications and accurate pharmacometabolomic measurement of medications provide the means to effectively manage mental health disorders and the polypharmacy of chronic disorders, identify specific medications to be deprescribed, and monitor medication adherence by patients and the results of an informed prescription. These are significant advances in precision medicine that can help improve drug therapy for people with pain, cardiovascular disorders and CNS disorders. Precision prescribing and dose matching are key to improving patient outcomes and reducing treatment costs,” said James S. Burns, president and CEO of Phenomics Health.

About Phenomics Health
Phenomics Health Inc. (PHI) is a precision medicine company providing advanced clinical treatment decision support products and services to provide drug recommendations, anticipate adverse drug reactions, drug-gene interactions and drug-to-drug, and improve patient outcomes. Phenomics’ patented technologies are based on the emerging field of pharmacophenomics, integrating genetics, epigenetics, panology, pharmacometabolomics, systems biology, electronic health record (EHR), sociomics™ and others clinically relevant patient data. Phenomics’ patented pharmacogenomics technology uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict drug response phenotypes for individual patients based on an expanded gene regulatory paradigm in which regulatory and spatial genomic networks play a leading role. Networks containing disease risk, drug response, and adverse event variants form the basis of Phenomics Health’s development of novel pharmacogenomics products to aid in clinical treatment decision-making. Phenomics Health’s patented PrecīsMed pharmacometabolic products can identify and quantify over 230 drugs in a patient’s circulation to monitor medication adherence, provide accurate reconciliation of medications actually taken, guide dose titration, identify drug interactions harm and avoid adverse drug reactions. To visit for more information.

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