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DiponEd Bio to set up its indigenous cellular biologics and regenerative medicine manufacturing unit at Vizag

From left to right, Mr. Ashish Rasaili, AMTZ Nodal Officer, Mr. Dilip Kumar, AMTZ CEO, Dr. Jitendra Kumar, MD AMTZ, Dr. Kaushik Deb, DIPONED CEO, Mr. Aruna CS CFO DIPONED.

DiponEd Bio to set up its indigenous cellular biologics and regenerative medicine manufacturing unit at Vizag

VIZAG, ANDRA PRADESH, INDIA, June 4, 2022 / — DiponEd is a medical biotechnology R&D company focused on the development of cellular or therapeutic biologics and point-of-care devices for therapeutic applications. Through its in-house R&D and the development of indigenous technologies, the company has developed a wide range of medical devices and cellular therapeutic platforms that aim to solve unmet medical needs. DiponEd aims to transform “treatments to cure” with its personalized and precision medicine approach. In addition to a range of new off-the-shelf products, the company has a strong R&D pipeline of over 30 products. The company is also supported by various product development grants from the Ministry of Health, Government of India.

Regenerative medicine is a rapidly evolving science where life conditions, chronic diseases, degenerative medical conditions, etc., are reversed, using stem cell transplants, tissue engineering, cell or tissue transplants, l 3D printing, genomics, nutrigenomics and other tools. The company has developed products for the treatment of a myriad of diseases such as non-healing ulcers, sports injuries, solid tumors, corneal regeneration, burns, cardiovascular disease, joint arthritis, diabetes, beauty aging, hair and skin. health issues, reconstructive surgeries, autoimmunity, etc. DiponEd has developed unprecedented solutions to global health problems with a totally local approach. All technologies, raw materials and supplies are fully available in India, inspired by the national “Make in India” vision.

Dr. Kaushik Deb, CEO and Founder of DiponEd, said, “Many biologic devices have shown very promising results clinically, and we are also going through US FDA approvals. Cell therapies are developed based on the needs and clinical conditions of Indian skates, so they are indeed – faster, better and cheaper than foreign products.

AMTZ is a medical technology and medical product manufacturing center located in Vizag, AP, India. It has more than 150 leading medical device manufacturers and other facilities that support the manufacturing of medical products. It is also home to a first of its kind in the world, the WHO Innovation Center for Additive Manufacturing.

Dr. Jitendra Sharma, Managing Director and Founder of AMTZ, said, “We are pleased that Diponed has established its GMP facilities to manufacture its unique line of regenerative medicine technology products and devices. The country is largely dependent on imports and foreign resources for these products. . We support growth and indigenous manufacturing capabilities in these advanced areas of biopharmaceutical R&D, through several support programs, ranging from mentorship to funding, and more.

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