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Apple Wins Apple TV Remote + Files Design Patent for 5 iCloud Brands Covering Vehicle Burglar Alarms, Software as a Service and More

The Hong Kong Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple a design patent for their 2021 2021 redesigned Apple TV remote control on Friday. In addition, they released five trademark applications from Apple relating to iCloud. Apple has registered each of the marks in very specific international classes covering a wide range of products and services. A single folder for iCloud + specifically focused on vehicles that might apply to CarPlay and / or Project Titan.

Unlike “patent applications” which provide the public with an abstract, summary and details of an invention, design patents published around the world are limited to providing the public with only design patent figures. No additional design details are available.

Apple TV Siri 2021 Remote

Apple obtained a design patent in Hong Kong on Friday, November 12, 2021 regarding their Apple TV remote control Siri redesigned in 2021. The design has been registered under the Locarno 14 – 03 classification covering “telecommunications equipment and wireless remote controls”.

The Hong Kong Patent and Trademark Office has also published a series of trademark applications filed by Apple relating to iCloud as follows:

TM “iCloud Private Relay” deposit

ICloud Private Relay – app # 305799124: Apple has registered its trademark under international classes 35, 38 and 42. Primarily covering (35) Business consulting services, advertising, marketing; (38) Telecommunications, broadcasting, streaming; (42) Providing an Internet search engine. For more details on the international class, click on here.

A series of 4 ‘iCloud +’ TM documents

iCloud +, app # 305799584: International Class 39 covering: Physical storage services for archiving electronically stored data; computerized data storage and retrieval services, namely, electronic storage of data, text, images, audio and video files, and storage services for archiving electronic data; related information and advice.

iCloud +, app # 305799539: International Classes 12 and 36. Class n ° 12: Consoles being parts of vehicle interiors; Dashboards ; anti-theft devices for vehicles; anti-theft alarms for vehicles; Class # 36: Financial, monetary and banking services, banking services, credit cards, installment loans and more.

iCloud +, application # 305799205: International classes 28 and 45. Class 28: Toys; Games; toys; play cards; portable electronic game units; computer games, video games and computer and video game apparatus, other than coin-operated or designed for use with television receivers; weight machines; physical conditioning and exercise apparatus and equipment; Class 45: Online social network services; personal assistant services; personal concierge services for others.

iCloud +, application # 305799188: International classes 9, 35, 38, 40, 41 and 42. They mainly cover (9) all kinds of hardware; (35) Business management, business administration, advertising and marketing; (38) Telecommunications, broadcasting and transmission of voice, data, images, music, audio, video and more; (40) Recycling, photographic and digital images and more; (41) Educational services; and (42) Design and development of computer hardware, software, video games, Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and more. View details of the International Class of the United States Patent Office for all here.

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