Are there loans without UC?

An increasing number of people have started to look for sms loans without UC and this is probably due to: a) they have a lousy economy or no income at all, b) they have debts with the chronicler, c) they have payment remarks. But are there really sms lenders who grant a sms loan without UC (ie credit information)? The answer to that question is: no, it is not. We at Questlend Finance have not found any such sms at all, even though we have been looking with light and lantern.

Now you may be wondering if this is really true what we are saying (that there are no sms loans without UC) as there are many sites that list lots of sms loans without UC. We have also seen this, but we have also seen that the lenders who list the sites take some credit information. The reason the sites claim that these sms lenders do not take a UC can only be due to two things: a) they want to attract people who are looking for sms loans without UC just because they want to make money and b) they know that many who apply on “loans without UC” it does so because they have payment notes and therefore lists sms lenders who are admittedly taking a UC but who allow payment notes.


UC okay if you have payment remarks

loan payment remarks

There are many sms lenders who accept payment reminders, so you really don’t need to look for sms loans without UC but for sms loans with payment remarks. If your finances are under control today (even if it was not yesterday), you will at least have the opportunity to get a sms loan despite the sms lender taking a UC, and even though you have payment notes.


UC okay if you do not have income from service

money loan

Even if you do not have income from service, you have the opportunity to get a sms loan if you had an income when you last declared, because this is the income that is included in your credit report. There are also sms lenders that grant sms loans if you live on A-fund or pension, and sometimes even if you live on student loans, although this is less common.

The bottom line is that there are no sms lenders that grant loans without UC, at least not generally. It may happen sometimes, but not automatically. But it doesn’t really matter if you have no income or have payment notes, you can borrow anyway. It is only if you have debts left with the chancellor that it is usually run, but of course you can try to apply anyway, it costs nothing.

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